1. 1.      The association’s name and place of business 

The association’s name is             Nordic Society for Arctic Medicine

 and its place of business is           Uleåborg


  1. 2.      Purpose and activities

The association’s purpose is

to promote and spread interest in scientific studies of healthcare problems in polar, subpolar, and similar environments


 The association fulfils its purpose by

-arranging scientific meetings and training courses

-conducting research, information and publication activities

-directing initiatives towards various authorities

-collaborating with other scientific associations


The association supports its activities by 

To support its activities the association can carry on publication activities, own real estate and personal property necessary for its operations, as well as receive donations and run lotteries and fundraising activities after obtaining the necessary permission.


  1. 3.      Members

Anyone who accepts the association’s purpose and statutes can become a member of the association. The association’s members are approved by the committee upon application.

  1. 4.      Resignation and expulsion of a member from the association 

A member has the right to resign from the association by notifying the association’s committee or its chairman in writing, or by giving notice of resignation at a meeting of the association for recording in the minutes. 

The committee can exclude a member from the association if the member has not paid his past due membership fees or if he has otherwise failed to fulfil the obligations that he assumed upon joining the association, or if his behaviour within or outside the association has caused significant harm to the association, or if he no longer fulfils the conditions of membership stated in law or in the association’s statutes.


  1. 5.      Enrolment and membership fees

The annual meeting decides the size of enrolment fees and annual membership fees that will be charged to members.


  1. 6.      The Committee

The association’s affairs are managed by the committee which comprises one chairman and  10  other ordinary members as well as  5  deputy members, all of whom are appointed at the annual meeting.

The committee’s term of office is the period between annual meetings.

The committee chooses a vice chairman internally and appoints a secretary, treasurer, and other necessary functionaries either internally or externally.

The board is summoned to meetings by the chairman or, where the chairman is unable to do so, by the vice chairman, when he considers it necessary or when at least half the committee members request it.

The committee forms a quorum when at least half of its members, including the chairman and vice chairman, are present. The outcome of the voting is decided by a simple majority. If the voting results in a tie the chairman shall cast the deciding vote, but in elections a tie shall be settled by drawing lots.


  1. 7.      Those who sign the association’s name

The association’s name is signed by the committee’s chairman, vice chairman, secretary or treasurer (two together).


  1. 8.       Accounting period and auditing

The association’s accounting period is one calendar year.

The financial statement together with necessary documents and the committee’s annual report shall be submitted to the auditors no later than [3] weeks before the annual meeting. The auditors shall present their written report to the committee no later than [2] week[s] before the annual meeting.


  1. 9.      The association’s meetings

The association’s annual meeting is convened annually on a day determined by the committee during the period January-May.

An extraordinary meeting is convened when the association’s meeting so decides or when the committee considers there is a reason for it or when at least one tenth (1/10) of the association’s voting members present the committee with a written request for a meeting, stating a specific matter for consideration. The meeting shall be convened within thirty days from the time when the request for a meeting is submitted to the committee.

 Each member has a vote at the association’s meetings.

Unless otherwise decreed in the statutes, the decision of the meeting will favour the opinion supported by more than half the votes cast. The outcome of the voting is decided by a simple majority. If the voting results in a tie the chairman shall cast the deciding vote, but in elections a tie shall be settled by drawing lots.


  1. 10.  Summons to association meetings

The committee shall summon members the association’s meetings no later than seven days before the meeting by sending a letter of invitation to each member.


  1. 11.  Annual meeting 

The following matters are dealt with at the association’s annual meeting:


  1. 1.       the meeting is opened 
  1. 2.       election of the meeting chairman, secretary, two minutes-checkers and, if required, two vote counters
  1. 3.       the meeting’s legality and the presence of a quorum are acknowledged
  1. 4.       the agenda for the meeting is approved
  1. 5.       the financial statement, annual report and auditors’ report are presented
  1. 6.       decision on ratification of the financial statement and granting discharge to the committee and to others who are accountable
  1. 7.       business plan, budget and the size of enrolment fees and membership fees are established
  1. 8.       election of the committee chairman and other committee members
  1. 9.       election of one auditor or two auditors and his/their deputies
  1. 10.   other matters stated in the invitation to the meeting are dealt with

If a member of the association wants a matter to be dealt with at the association’s annual meeting he should inform the committee of this in writing, allowing enough time for the matter to be included in the invitation to the meeting.


  1. 12.  Alterations to the statutes and dissolution of the association

Decisions concerning alterations to the statutes or dissolution of the association should be made at the association’s meeting with a majority of at least three quarters (3/4) of the votes cast during voting. Alterations to the statutes or dissolution of the association shall be stated in the letter of invitation to the meeting.

When the association is dissolved the association’s assets shall be used to promote the association’s aims in a manner decided by the meeting that makes the decision on the dissolution. If the association is dissolved the assets are used for the same purpose.